Key takeways from our expert cross-industry panel

Our M&A breakfast on 11th October, hosted by Aon, had a great turnout with over 50 M&A women. They networked and enjoyed a snappy panel discussion rich with cross-industry M&A insights.

Our panellists were:

Key takeaways included:

  • Creative cross-specialism problem-solving is being required to overcome unexpected challenges in the M&A process
  • Collaboration with peers, even competitors, can lead to mutual success and better client service
  • Valuation differences between buyers and sellers, along with slow decision-making, remain challenges in the M&A landscape
  • There are signs of recovery in the US, which may filter over to Europe and the UK
  • AI and chatbots can potentially simplify processes and compliance in M&A sectors, but their implementation is still more discussed than acted upon
  • Emerging markets and European tech M&A deals are areas of interest and potential growth
  • The influx of capital into the M&A sector is still expected, but the market is still waiting for a confidence boost
  • Leveraging your network is essential for finding solutions and support in the industry

Due to the positive reception of this event, we’ll host another one in Spring 2024.

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