Member Muse Diane Blaxland, CEO Expert Leaders, London

Each month we’ll be sharing advice and words of wisdom from our community.  Meet our October Member Muse, Diane Blaxland, CEO at Expert Leaders, London.


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Diane Blaxland, CEO of Expert Leaders, and I’m based in London.

I coach mid-career professionals through strategic career pivots – both 121, and via “How To” guides.


What do you love most about what you do?

Seeing my clients rapidly take charge of their career – with strategic clarity, great tactics, and measurable results.


And what are the biggest challenges with what you do?

Adapting at pace to the bespoke needs of each client – pinpointing the gap between now and future state, then working together to tailor tactics that deliver industry, function, and/or geographic pivots.


Why did you join March?

My most rewarding work experiences have been leading transformation to prepare for, implement, or recover an M&A deal … so that investors can realise the theoretical value creation plan. There is a great tribe of canny women out there doing brilliant work in every stage of the deal lifecycle – each one thinking “Am I the only one?” March Women answers this question in a heartbeat. When we are together, we are stronger.


What about your work fills you with pride?

Happy clients this year each getting on the front foot in their careers, making the corporate Kool-Aid work for them. They are in engineering, technology, digital, finance, management consulting – love the diversity.

Transforming the deal-making landscape for women in M&A

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