Member Muse – Emma Blackley

Meet this month’s Member Muse, the force that is Emma Blackley, founder of E B Advisors.

Emma provides specialist guidance on all types of business partnerships, alliances and joint ventures.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Emma Blackley and i’m the founder of E B Advisors. We provide specialist guidance on all types of business partnerships, alliances and joint ventures.

Describe your role to us…

Sometimes it is too difficult, expensive or slow to buy or build a new capability or technology. When companies decide they need to partner, many lack the time and experience needed to do it well.

For the past twelve years I have exclusively helped clients to explore their options, identify their needs from and offer to a partner, decide on their preferred structure and negotiate a deal which works in practice for both /all parties.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the fact that though each client situation and team is unique, the issues and challenges which arise in collaboration deals are similar enough to make my prior experience really valuable during what are often complex and demanding deal negotiations.

And what are the biggest challenges with what you do?

Two of the biggest challenges for clients are lack of self-knowledge and lack of time. To succeed in a business collaboration, companies need to be able to see themselves as potential partners do. This is as rare among companies as among people.

They also need to put in more time – both into planning (your tried and trusted process may not suit this partner) and into relationships (mutual respect and trust need to be earned and maintained).

Why did you join March?

I love working with women. I think we are great at what we do – professional, hard-working, creative and supportive. There are not enough of us in the world of M&A and deal-making and this needs to change. Business will be better – and more fun – if it does. I see March Women as a pioneering – and fun – force towards this end.

Where can we find out more about you?

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Transforming the deal-making landscape for women in M&A

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