Navigating organisational politics with integrity.

Navigating organisational politics with integrity.

Next week we will be enjoying breakfast in the Shelburne Room at The Lansdowne Club, where we will be joined by Alison Temperley.

Alison is a specialist in women’s leadership, designing and running award-winning programmes on subjects including leadership, managing people, client relationship building and business perspectives programmes for organisations such as EY, Linklaters, legacy Allen & Overy and Bird and Bird. In her executive coaching she works with leaders and aspiring leaders internationally.

Every organisation we interact with has its own politics, and often women regard that as a waste of precious time. The aim of this session is to help our women in M&A navigate the politics that you encounter with skill, wisdom and integrity.

Alison will draw on her experience, gained over many years and hundreds of coaches, to give you tools to navigate the politics around you.

The session will be interactive and very practical, and whist every political situation has its own challenges we hope this guidance will be useful to you now and in the future in the organisations you work in and with.

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