“Here’s to the power of meaningful connections and the joy of building a network that feels more like a family”

We thought we’d let our members and guests speak for themselves about last Thursday’s inaugural Christmas event for March Women.


A beautiful setting and delicious dinner but, most importantly, great conversations in a lovely, supportive environment of like-minded professional women in the M&A space.”


It was an evening filled with inspiring conversations, insightful networking opportunities, and a sense of camaraderie among women working in the dynamic M&A industry.”


Surrounded by art and enthusiasm, I was struck by the diversity of experiences and perspectives represented in the room. From seasoned professionals to aspiring M&A enthusiasts, there was a shared passion for the industry and a commitment to advancing women’s careers in M&A.”


It was not just a festive feast, but a fantastic opportunity to connect with new faces and strengthen existing bonds within the M&A community.”


… a no-ego and authentic event which reaffirmed my belief in the power of women supporting each other in the workplace


Thank you to Laura Brunnen for organising such a valuable gathering – your efforts in fostering a supportive community are truly appreciated!


We’ll be sharing an overview of 2023 over the coming days, including the hard data from our member survey which proves that in less than 12 months March is already achieving our goals of more deals, more compensation and more promotions.

2024 is going to be even better. Already on the agenda:

  • Member-only lunches throughout the month of January
  • 15th January: Wellness breakfast at Lincoln’s Inn hosted by Elevate.
  • 24th January: evening social at Cento in South Ken
  • 7th February: breakfast social with Florence Brocklesby discussing workplace culture
  • 29th February: art gallery pop-up evening curated by SOTA Marketplace to celebrate International Women’s Day and female artists

We’ve had several new members who have pre-onboarded to start their membership from January so they can ensure a spot at a member lunch – contact us and we can do the same for you.

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