Problems that female workers in the City face at work

“It’s clear from the evidence we’ve taken that there has been no improvement whatsoever in the barrage of problems that female workers in the City face at work in the last 20 years”

Just one of the quotes from a recent investigation by the Cross-party Treasury committee into sexism in the financial services industry (full article in the comments).

Are we surprised? Sadly not.

Are we actively challenging and changing the culture from the inside-out so that future generations don’t have to go through the same things we did? Absolutely.

How can we do this?

✅ By getting more women up the ladder and across the board.


✅ So there are more of us in place to quash this sort of behaviour from the top down.

The starting point for all of this is having a strong, supportive network of likeminded women to call on when you need them.

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