Find out how March Women combines the most valuable elements of building a network

The essence of March Women = high quality thought leadership + making actual business contacts in the dealmaking world + having a jolly good time doing so.

One of our new senior members (and her team) spent over a year researching networks, events, conferences and forums in financial and professional services.

She chose to join March Women. She’s telling all her contacts about March Women.

“Undoubtedly March stood out as the one which combined all of the most valuable aspects. You don’t build relationships from going to standard networking events with 50 different people each time.”


– we have lots of senior women* with vast experience in different sectors

– our members see tangible benefits, quickly

Within a month of joining, this particular new member said that she was already having conversations about deals, collaborations and partnerships.


Because we’re being built by M&A women for M&A women.

Our founder Laura Brunnen has been an M&A woman for over 20 years and understands the industry and pressure points inside out. She also knows that for change to happen we need to take matters into our own hands.

Less talk, more action.

*Our members are a good mix of all levels in the M&A industry and there’s a warm, welcoming vibe – absolutely no hierarchies or snobbery with us.

Transforming the deal-making landscape for women in M&A

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